In today’s world, we are surrounded by radio frequency and microwave signals – sources can range from cars to fridges. While quite different in form and shape, devices across the RF and microwave spectrum are continuously evolving and face the common challenge of exponentially greater data throughput. Whether it be 5G cellular or Ka-band satcom, this ever-expanding need for data has driven equally great demands on wireless integrated circuits. While commercial GaN platforms have begun to service some of these needs, they still lack many of the performance metrics needed for ultrahigh fidelity applications.

Enter TransEON GaN Tech

Where existing GaN MMIC platforms struggle, TransEON's GaN device technology exceeds. Our device platform is capable of exceptional performance in RF and microwave applications up to the sub-THz range, offering higher saturation power, improved power-added efficiency, higher single-stage gain, and best of all - lower cost per die. This revolutionary performance is enabled by a patent-pending nanoscale device structure and several novel process techniques, enabling fabrication of exceptionally high-performance GaN microelectronics.

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